Zong SIM Lagao Offer Code 2022 – New Package Subscription Details

Zong SIM Lagao Offer

Zong has brought to you their crazy sim lagao offer. Did you still not hit the Zong sim lagao offer without recharge yet? We guess you are still wandering for sim lagao offer code, perhaps. If this be the reason, hold on!

Zong SIM lagao offer code 2022 is *2244#. If you have been inactive for 30 days, or more, you can request for sim lagao offer.

What is Zong SIM Lagao Offer?

SIM lagao offer is a brand-new package. Those who have not used their Zong SIM for 30 days, are eligible to acquire this offer. Super SIM lagao offer carries 6000 Zong minutes, 6000 SMS and 8GB (4GB Data + 4GB WhatsApp) of 4G internet for 60 days.

SIM Lagao Offer Details


Items Description
Consumer Price Rs. 0.0
Offer/Package Name SIM LAGAO OFFER
Data Resources 6,000 Free On-Net Minutes + 6,000 Free SMS + 8 GBs of Internet Data (4 GB + 4 GB WhatsApp)
Status Check *102#
Validity 60 Days


Please note that this is NOT a One-Time offer. Meaning that once your application for this offer has proceeded to successful subscription, you get a daily reward. For the upcoming 60 days, Zong offers you:

  • 100 FREE Zong Minutes
  • 100 FREE SMS (General)
  • 50 MBs of internet data (General).

Which Zong SIM is Eligible for SIM Lagao Offer?

SIM lagao offer is for prepaid customers only. Users with Zong Economy, Zong 20, and Zong 30 subscriptions are considered eligible. Hence, zong postpaid subscribes are an exemption from sim lagao offer.

SIM Lagao Offer Code 2022 – Zong

Zong social bundles, internet packages, calk packages, and SMS packages are quite handy. You stay connected with your loved ones. But surprisingly though, users cannot continue with all these offers with zero balance.

The same is the true of Zong band sim lagao offer. The Subscribers are required to have a minimum balance of Rs. 50. If running out of credits, they are expected to recharge. It is then their subscription is processed further.

In case you have not inserted your Zong SIM into your headset for a month or more, go for the sim lagao offer, right now. Make sure your inactive SIM card is recharged with a minimum of 50 rupees. Zong sim lagao offer code 2022 is *2244#.

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SIM Lagao Offer Verification Code 2022

Once you are successfully subscribed with sim lagao offer, enjoy it! But hey! If you are unaware of how much data you have consumed, it might cost you pennies.

If you do not already know how to check free data status, here we tell you that. Please follow the instructions ahead. Down below is verification code 2022 for the SIM lagao offer .


Data Status Verification Code
Check Free Minutes *102*2# (Rs. 0.24)
Check Free SMS *102*3# (Rs. 0.24)
Check Free MBs  *102*4# (Rs. 0.24)


How to Test Your Consent For SIM Lagao Offer?

Insert your inactive Zong SIM card into the headset. To test your consent in Zong, of course, for the new sim lagao offer, dial 310. Make sure it is a legal deal.

Zong Customer Care service will instantly tell your status. In addition to that, you can also check it yourself. Follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your Zong SIM remained inactive consecutively for the last 30 days
  • You are new to Zong
  • Or you have not availed the offer before
  • You are a Prepaid Customer

Check Offer Status Online with My Zong App

Zong offers tons of service packs. So, checking your status manually is really a job. But no worries. You can now check the SIM lagao offer status online with My Zong App. Ahh, it’s handy…

  • Go to App Store and search App My Zong (iOS)
  • Or search My Zong App (Android) on Google Play Store
  • Tap to open the app and get your number registered
  • Once done with that, Welcome to My Zong App services
  • Go to (My account) in there
  • You can check for all the details

Here is our bonus tip for you!

You are new to My Zong App, and you have downloaded it for the first time, right? High-fives! You are there to get 1 GBs of internet data for the whole next three days. And tell you what? It is absolutely FREE!

Terms and Conditions

In compliance to the official terms and conditions, to following may apply:

  • Prepaid handset subscribers only
  • Zong 20, Zong 30 and Zong Economy users only
  • Subscribers who have not PORTING to Zong Network
  • Zong SIM inactive for the last 30 days
  • Incentives posted cannot be used before 4:00 AM
  • Already availed reconnection will not be reconsidered
  • Zong reserves the right to make any changes anytime to the offer and its mechanic

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The SIM lagao offer is really amazing. It not only attracts customers to the Zong user base, but also facilitates the masses. Zong customers get a huge benefit of it.

New SIM lagao offer subscribers do not need dedicated Zong call packages or social bundles. Similarly, with along run sixty-days free data in hands, who needs Zong weekly TikTok offer. Band SIM lagao offer 20222 is worth all of it.

You May Also Ask

How can I get free data on Zong SIM?

Activate your Zong SIM right now and dial *10#. With dialing this code, you have successfully subscribed to the 7-days offer for FREE. This offer gives you 4 GBs of internet data (inclusive of 1,000 MBs WhatsApp & 1,000 MBs Facebook). Also, it brings you 1000 on-net Zong minutes

How can I check my SIM Lagao offer?

Call or SMS “FREE”  to 2222 (charges  Rs. 0.2) to check your SIM Lagao offer. Or download My Zong App to process your query further.

What is the code of Zong free WhatsApp?

The code of Zong free Whatsapp is *247#. Zong free Whatsapp offer is available all across Pakistan. With the fastest Zong 4G internet Whatsapp service, you can enjoy chatting, sharing, audio and video calling, and video downloading as well.

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