How to Identify Fake Currency Notes in Pakistan 5000, 1000, 500, Notes Security Features

How to Identify Fake Currency Notes

Recently Pakistani people are frequently facing fake currency problem in their daily life. A lot of fake currency notes are circulating in the market. Recent huge increase in inflation and poverty are the main reasons behind this. It increased corruption and fraud in the market.

How to Identify Fake Currency Notes

Not every citizen of Pakistan is educated enough to identify these fake currency notes. These fake currency notes look almost the same as the real ones. Every person is curious to know that how can they identify the fake currency notes easily in their routine life. What are the security features or what are the differences that can help them to differentiate between real and fake currency notes.

The State Bank of Pakistan is the responsible authority to issue, regulate and secure the Pakistani currency. So SBP is taking every possible step to tackle these fake currency notes and reduce its impact on Pakistan’s economy. It is important to maintain public confidence in Pakistan currency notes.

The SBP included specific security features to every currency note including 5000, 1000, 100, 50, 20, and 10 rupees notes. All original banknotes have various security features that prevent counterfeiting, which can be easily and quickly checked. And it is important for every Pakistani to understand these security features in order to avoid and identify such cases where fake currency is being circulated.

As the major Pakistani currency notes are 5000, 1000, 100, 50, 20, 10 rupees notes. So we have shared and explained all the security features of these currency notes. After reading and understanding these security features you can easily identify fake currency notes.

Security Features of Pakistani Currency Notes

As the SBP added special security features to every Pakistani currency notes. Every note with its security features is explained below.

Security Features of 5000 Rupees Note

5000 Note

Date of Issue27 May, 2006
Cut Size65 x 163 m.m
Main ColourMustard
Paper100% cotton based
5000 Rupees Note Specifications
5000 rupees note

Security Features of 1000 Rupees Note

1000 Rupees Note Specifications

Date of Issue 26 February, 2007
 Cut Size 65 x 155 m.m.
 Main Colour Dark Blue
 Paper 100% cotton based
1000 Rupees Note Specifications

Security Features of 500 Rupees Note

500 Rupees Note Specifications
Date of Issue 25th January, 2010
 Cut Size 65 x 147 m.m
 Main Colour Rich Deep Green
 Paper 100% cotton based
500 Rupees Note Specifications

These are the high value currency notes. If you want to know the security of small notes do let us know.

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