Zong Balance Share Code 2022 | How to Transfer Zong Yaari Load

Zong Balance Share Code 2022 How to Transfer Zong Yaari Load

Ab karo lambi baat with Zong yaari load. Call-drop amid on phone with someone you love was always irritating. But now you have the opportunity of making unlimited calls with Zong balance share code.

Zong balance share code 2022 is *828#. Or you can Dial and send this message to 999. Read this article for more details.

Zong Balance Share Code – How it Works

The world has transformed digitally. Holding on a branded smartphone is not only a custom it, rather, has turned to inevitable need now. Every now and then people set out to travel, etc., pocketing along a mobile device is need of the time.

You see, things work for a good reason. The basic purpose of a mobile phone is to let you stay connected with others like you. How? Of course, through video and voice calls, and SMS in some cases.

All cellular devices have inserted in SIM cards that are credited with balance. But what if, have you ever wondered, we ran out of balance amid an indispensable phone call? Or, it might happen that, you are somewhere outside where there is nothing available to recharge. What would you do then?

Well, well. Do not worry anymore. Because Zong balance share offer is all here to help you out in that kind of situations.

Zong Yaari Load – A Two-Way Process

Zong yaari load is a two-way process. Here is how. Customers can transfer money anytime, and anywhere, with Zong balance share code to someone in dire need of that. This is how you can actually prove how much you care about them.

In another situation, however, the process is anti-clockwise. With that stating we mean that, it is now you who can receive the shared balance. In any unwanted conditions, users can request their friends and/or family for Zong balance share.

How to Share or Receive Zong Balance – Code

Customers can either receive or send money with balance share offer. The mechanics are as under.

For Balance Transfer, Dial *828#
For Balance Request, Dial *829#

Process Details

  • Go to the Dial Pad inside your Zong device
  • Dial the balance share code *828#
  • Next, type in the target number you want to share the balance with
  • Moving on further, insert the sharing amount details
  • Confirm the process with 1, and done

Please note that you need to have a minimum balance of Rs. 20 to proceed with sharing amount. Also, it is important to mentions that, the same process can be utilised vice versa for Balance Request. Only you need to alter the code with *829#.

Share Balance Via My Zong App – 2nd Method

Users have another option in hands to share Zong balance. Surprisingly though, this process does not require any Zong balance share code at all. Wondering how? Follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Google Play Store or App Store
  • Type in Zong Pay Max or My Zong App
  • Download the app straight away, and install it
  • Sign-up and Log-in to the app
  • There you can share Zong balance

Direct Message – New Load share Technique

This is perhaps the simplest way out sharing Zong to Zong balance. There is a magic balance share code for you. Truth be told, it works instantly. Go through the process as given below.

Type in <Target Number> <Sharing Amount> and send this message to 999.

Zong Balance Share Charges

Sharing amount with Zong is easy and convenient in a state of emergency. But this service is not free. Zong balance share price is Rs. 5. And it requires a minimum recharge of 5.62 Rupees.

Zong has announced the required criteria for transferable and non-transferable balance. Customers are liable to follow the rules as guided.

Transferable Balance

  • Online Recharge
  • Zong Easy Load – E Pin
  • Already Shared Balance
  • Voucher Card

Non Transferable Balance

  • Auto Load/Loan
  • Hand Set Balance / FAT- built in balance
  • Redeemed Balance, Promotion amount and reimbursed balance
  • BYN numbers / Built in Balance of Golden

Terms and Conditions

  • Both Receive and Request balance share offers are meant for prepaid customers only
  • Minimum amount you can transfer is Rs.10/-
  • Maximum amount you can transfer is Rs.200/-
  • Only 5 transactions are allowed per day
  • After Zong Yaari Load, users are required to have a minimum remaining balance of Rs.5/-
  • This offer is not valid for the following
Franchise(s), Dealers, Employees, Service tariff package and Dealer & Franchise families’ tariffs

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