Zong Daily Voice Offer Code – Best Call Package Minutes Details

Zong Daily Voice Offer Code – Call Package Minutes Details

Zong brings daily voice offer for those who only need to make voice calls. This Zong call package is valid for 24 hours. And the customers can get it on a very commendable price.

Zong daily voice offer code is *45#. It gives you 20 on-net minutes for 1 day. Read more about Zong daily call package in this article.

Zong Daily Voice Offer

Daily voice offer lets you stay connected with those you really care about. Zong has introduced many call packages, or course, to facilitate their user base. There is a complete list of Zong daily, weekly, and monthly call packages.

Here in this article, we are committed to tell you about the daily voice offer. Hence, we shall write about its price, volume, and validity.

Items Description
Offer/Package Name DAILY VOICE OFFER
Consumer Price Rs. 5
Data Volume 20 Zong Minutes
Activation Code *45#
Validity 1 day
Status Check Code *102*1#

The largest 4G cellular services providing company has earned a whole variety of users. Anyhow, the daily voice offer is meant to be for a limited use. By that we mean those subscribers who only make necessary and to-the-point short voice calls.

If you are have a family to engage with, you might look for other Zong call packages. Because, their daily voice offer may not serve your purpose. And it is thanks to its limited features.

Zong’s daily voice offer gets you 20 on-net minutes. It costs you a commendable price of 5 Rupees only. And this Zong daily call package remains valid for the next 24 hours.

Daily Voice Offer Code

Make calls with Zong and enjoy bundles of your own choice. There is tons of Zong call packages that you can choose from. And, of course, the list also includes daily voice offer.

Daily voice offer code is *45#. People also search it for as Zong daily call package code. Be it this or that, it serves your need. So, dial this code right now to subscribe to the daily voice offer.

Details Summarized for You

  • Daily voice offer is a general daily call package
  • Meaning that it is not location-centered
  • Customers get 20 on-net Zong minutes
  • Zong daily call package price is Rs. 5 only
  • The offer remains valid for 1 day only
  • Zong daily call package code is *45#

Our Take

Zong daily voice offer is worth its price. But, we would suggest that, only go for it if you need to make call alone. Otherwise, if you have got a smartphone, it would definitely require something more. In that case, you would also need Zong internet packages.

Also, for your sake, this is not a Zong free minutes package. The facts remains that it has a price, although it is very cheap. So, choose the best out of the available Zong bundles.

Terms and Conditions

All official terms and conditions apply on thedaily voice offer subscribers. For more details and information, please contact at Zong helpline number. Or, you may visit their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Daily voice offer is actually a daily call package. Users can subscribe to it for Rs. 5 only. Daily voice offer earns you 20 Zong minutes for 1 day.

You can subscribe to the daily voice offer by dialling the code *45#.

Zong call packages carry along a plenty of different options to offer. Zong daily call package is valid for 24 hours. It only brings 20 on-net minutes.

Zong daily voice offer price is 5 Rupees only. Read more in this article.

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