Zong Superstar Offer Code 2022 – Super Monthly Package Price & Details

Zong Superstar Offer Code

You can now get ‘pooray maheenay ki aasani’ with Zong Superstar Offer! It reminds you of some mega superstore in some metropolitan city, right? Got you! Zong super monthly offer, it does serve you that way.

Zong superstar offer is a mega super monthly package. It gets you 8GBs of internet, 500 Zong minutes, and 3,000 SMS for Rs. 530/month only.

Now, you might think that, why is Zong super star offer 2022 for me? How can I activate superstar offer in Zong? Or, you may ask to know about Zong super monthly package code. Well, here we have it all to answer your queries.

Why is Zong Superstar Offer for You?

Most of our countrymen are jobholders. And they all get paid with monthly salaries. So, there is need of some comprehensive monthly packages.

That is the reason the telecom broadbands come up with all-in-one bundles. Offers like monthly call packages, internet packages, and social bundles are always welcomed for a good reason.

Zong super star offer is one such incentive to have. You only need to subscribe to it once in a month.  And for whole 30 days, it is there with you.

What is Zong Super Monthly Offer?

Zong super monthly package is a kind of once-for-all thing. With Zong super monthly offer, it brings you 8GBs of free internet and 400 minutes for other networks.

Together with that, you get to have 3,000 Zong minutes and 3,000 SMS as well. Zong superstar offer costs you a total of 550 Rupees a month.

It is a big deal. Play games on your smartphone, watch or create videos, make live video calls, and stuff like that. Or you can make verbal communications and conversations, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

The superstar offer not only connects you with your family, but a lot more. So, you need to activate it first.

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How to Activate Zong Super Monthly Offer?

It is only a few buttons, and done. Open up the dial pad in your Zong 4G SIM supported mobile phone. Zong super star offer code is *7070#.

With dialling this super monthly package code and following as suggested, you can activate Zong super monthly offer in seconds.

Zong Super Monthly Package Details


Items Description
Consumer Price Rs. 550
Offer/Package Name SUPER STAR OFFER
Data Resources 3,000 On-Net Minutes + 400 Off-net Minutes + 3,000 SMS + 8GB Internet data
Status Check *102#
Validity 30-Days


How to UNSUBSCRIBE Super Monthly Package?

There is no single prescribed deactivation code available. To unsubscribe Zong superstar offer, you may contact at Zong 4G network helpline. Or you may utilize Zong My App to serve the purpose.

Please dial *102# to check the remaining internet data, free minutes, and SMS

Zong Super Star Offer Eligible Areas

It is important to mention that Zong super monthly offer is not available all over Pakistan. It rather includes a limited number of cities. The following cities in Pakistan are considered eligible for Zong superstar offer.

  • Abdulhakim
  • Burewala
  • Faisalabad
  • Hasilpur
  • Kabirwala
  • Khanewal
  • Malsi
  • RYK
  • Sadiqabad
  • Sargodha
  • Vehrari

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Terms and Conditions

The following charges/taxes are set applicable to the super monthly package.

  • No call set-up charges apply to this offer
  • Superstar offer is not auto-recursive
  • Ten percent (10%) of Advance Income Tax applies on every single recharge
  • Super monthly offer remains valid for the next 30 days
  • All incentives are usable 24/7

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe for Zong Super monthly?

Which Zong package is best?

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