Make JazzCash Account Free Online – Complete Guide

Create a New JazzCash Account

JazzCash has been a reliable source to pay bills, transfer funds and vice versa. In fact, the list goes on carrying along a whole bunch of services it offers. Whether you are a freelancer on fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, or provide services in any other local business marketplace, knowing how to create a JazzCash account should add more into the professional experience.

Dial *786#, provide the required details, establish 4-digit MPIN number, and you are all done to make a JazzCash account and deposit money!

Why You Need to Make JazzCash Account – Details

JazzCash was originally pioneered as MobiCash in partnership with their subsidiary bank Mobilink Microfinance Bank in 2012. It is actually an electronic mobile account, hereby known as e-wallet, that is more secure, omni-present and accessible.

More interestingly, if you create a new JazzCash account, you get a reward! Jazz gives their account holders free balance of 50 Rupees, free SMS, MBs, and free minutes. It is crazy, isn’t it?

Step By Step Process to Open a JazzCash Account

Here is how to open JazzCash account in Pakistan to transfer money, cash withdrawal and shopping online from stores anywhere across the country.

Step 1 – Register Your Mobile Account

Applicants can register for a JazzCash account through the following process using any one of the prescribed sources.

Download JazzCash Mobile App from Google Play Store, if you are an Android user, or Apple Store, if you use iOS.

You can self-register just by dialing the USSD code *786# if you are a Biometric-Verified Jazz customer.

Please note that you can register JazzCash Mobile Account on any mobile SIM number like Zong, Telenor and Ufone. If that be the case, first you need to get Biometric Verification. For that reason, we suggest you to visit any nearest JazzCash Agents, Experience Center or Jazz Franchise.

Otherwise, if you are unable to get through the above process, don’t sweat. You have got another wonderful option. Self-register for a Mobile Account from the comfort of your home just by downloading the mobile app.

Step 2 – Create Your Personal MPIN

Once you have successfully registered, the next step is to setup or create your personal MPIN.

Jazz customers can create their desired 4 digit MPIN just by dialing *786# or using Mobile App.

Other network customers can utilize the Mobile App to create their MPIN.

Important: The 4 digit MPIN is actually a secret code number that secures all transactions made from Mobile Account. So, if you ever forget your MPIN, you need to reset it as soon as possible. To address the trouble in any such unfortunate happening, we encourage Jazz users to please call 4444 to reset the MPIN. For other network customers, they can to dial 021-111-124-444 to make the query.

Step 3 – Deposit Money Into Your JazzCash Account

After your Mobile Account Registration is accomplished, you can now deposit money into your account from any nearest JazzCash agent. Please type ‘B’ in a new SMS and send it to 2179. It is totally free. Also, you can dial *786*0*1# or search here.

Quick Facts

  1. You cannot make JazzCash without CNIC. Only original and valid Computerized National Identity Card are acceptable
  2. JazzCash account is linked with your CNIC and mobile number. It is licensed under the state Bank of Pakistan’s branchless banking regulations
  3. All Prepaid and Postpaid customers holding a valid CNIC can Sign-up for a Jazz Cash account
  4. No taxes apply on depositing money into your JazzCash account
  5. Click for more FAQs

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