Zong MB Check Code 2022 | How to Check Remaining Zong Free MBs

Zong MB Check Code 2022 How to Check Remaining Zong Free MBs

Wondering how to check remaining Zong free MBs? No more worries. Because, it is something common among the users. To assist you out, here we have brought Zong MB check code 2022 in this article.

Zong free MB check code is *102*4#. Read more about how to check Zong remaining package, minutes, and data.

Zong MB Check Code – Details

The users are really concerned about how to check remaining MBs in Zong. To answer that query of yours, here is complete details of Zong free MB check code.

Free Data Check Codes – Quick Guide

Free MB Check CodeDescription
Dial *102*1#For All Details
Dial *102*2#To Check Remaining Minutes
Dial *102*3#To Check Remaining SMS
Dial *102*4#To Check Remaining MBs

How to Check Zong Remaining Package (MB, Minutes, SMS)

Zong customers can now check remaining free MBs, on-net/off-net minutes, and SMS. It is an easy process. Jut a few taps and replies, and you are done. Here is how.

  • Open up the dial pad in your Zong device
  • Dial the inquiry service code *102#
  • Now reply with 1 for general summary of the remaining data
  • Next, reply with 2 for the summary of Zong free minutes
  • Reply with 3 to check the remaining SMS
  • Reply with 4 for the remaining free MBs

Please note that inquiry charges Rs. 0.10+tax/SMS apply on each time you avail this service. To add on further, it is advised to turn off the mobile data before you proceed to get the service.

How to Check Remaining MBs in Zong Bolt Device

Subscribers can check out the Remaining MBs in Zong Bolt Device. It does not require any Zong MB check code either. The operations can be launched via My Zong App.

First, go to the Google app store to get My Zong App. Download the app, and install it. Insert in your Zong 4G SIM number to sign up. As soon as you accomplish to successfully log-in, there you can see all remaining MBs, minutes, and SMS.

If you did not know before, users can make Zong offer of their own choice. We call it Zong 4G device bolt packages. Zong bolt device packages offer you the facility to create some custom bundles.

Check Remaining Zong Free MBs with eCare

Zong eCare is another kind of revolutionary way to checking remaining data. It also serves to save you from Zong MB check code. Despite that, however, using eCare services is not common among the customers.

Processing with Zong eCare is quite handy.

  • Log-in to eCare
  • Righ after you are successfully signed in, go to the dashboard Manu
  • Navigate to ‘Data usage graphical view’
  • There you can witness all the available remaining data

This is it about Zong package check code. Users can check out status of the consumed data with this latest Zong MB check code. We hope it should solve your queries.

In case of any kind of further query, you can dial Zong helpline number 310.

This was it for today. Comment down below with feedback. Thank you.

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